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What Training Can Centre for Independent Living Kent provide?

CiLK has developed two programmes:

Disability Equality Training


Aimed primarily at adults working within organisations, businesses and groups to raise awareness of disability equality and to develop appropriate language and improve general integration


  • The Medical and Social Models of Disability and the difference between them
  • The Equality Act and Definition of Disability
  • Language (appropriateness)
  • Communication to include sign language, liberator users and pictures
  • The Use and Role of Personal Assistants for disabled people
  •  The different types of Disability, including physical, sensory, learning, mental health and invisible disabilities
  • ‘What it is like being a disabled person? From personal experiences

The training will be delivered using up front teaching, discussions and role plays.  Each delegate will be given a training pack as part of the training.Each training session would ideally last one working day.

This programme can be customised to suit the organisations, business or workforce.

Disability Awareness


Delivered to children and young people in clubs, schools and other groups. The Disability Awareness Programme is fitted around the age of the group, the school key stages and their level of understanding regarding disability.  We have called the school programme ‘It’s OK to be Different’ and this covers all aspects of understanding disability and what it means to be a disabled person and still living an independent life.


  • Sharing Personal Experiences of What It’s Like Being A Disabled Person
  • Role Play Activities around People’s Attitudes regarding Disability and the right and wrong language used
  • Quizzes and Games
  • A Brief Explanation About The Social Model Of Disability and The Definition of disability as stated in the Equality Act
  • A Q and A session.

The Process

All training is delivered by CiLK representatives who are people living with a disability. CiLK requires at least eight weeks notice prior to the actual training day and there is charge for this service.

If you would like further information about the training packages we offer, or to discuss a bespoke training programme tailor made for you, your organisation or group please don’t hesitate to contact us.