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Peer Support

At CiLK we believe that one of the best supports is from sharing information through life experience and supporting people by just having someone who isn’t family or friends to talk to, who isn’t judgmental or opinionated, who can offer help through an unbiased opinion, to talk through any issues the person may wish to discuss and would like support with. We call this Peer to Peer Support.

As a Disabled Person’s User Led Organisation (a DPULO) we can support other disabled people with our knowledge and understanding of what it is like living in a world full of barriers, we hope to be able to support a disabled person to overcome daily obstacles, related to their disability.

CiLK has available the expertise through experience, the knowledge of which organisation would be helpful to you and a wealth of information at our finger tips.

CiLK offers peer to peer support to any disabled or older person who requires our assistance. This can be from a one off chat to on-going peer support.

Some examples of things which you may need support for, include:

  • Assistance with Direct Payments
  • Employment of PA’s
  • Accessing Independent Living
  • Access in the community
  • Equipment
  • Social Care and much, much more!

CiLK can offer this support in a variety of ways, in the way that suits you best:

  • Email Support/Letter
  • Telephone Support
  • One to One Face to Face Support by Appointment – At your home, CiLK’s office or at a neutral venue such as a pub or cafe
  • A Drop In Service on a Tuesday and Wednesday between 10am and 2.30pm in CiLK’s office
  • At CiLK’s Outreach sessions

The Process

CiLK will give as much or as little support as the person requires. CiLK representatives will listen to the person’s wishes and support the person with any challenges which may arise in relation to their disability. All peer support will be treated in the strictest confidence. This can be a one-off meeting or an on-going package of back-up support, by one or more representatives of CiLK. If you would like more information about this service or if you need Peer Support please contact us.