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Tea with Tanni!

Tea with Tanni!

The Launch of Eddie and Friends was held at the House of Lords with a premiere viewing and afternoon tea. ‘Disability Eddie’ is the latest installment in the Eddie and Friends cartoon series for pre-school children. Tammy, a wheelchair using tortoise, learns to play football with her elephant and giraffe friends.

The cartoon featuring the voice of Tanni Grey-Thomson aims to make disability ‘normal’ and highlights that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses and that by working together we can all overcome many of the everyday challenges that we all face.

CiLk, working with Well Being People, was supporting the project in a consultancy basis advising on the correct language and helping to compile an information pack to accompany the cartoon with worksheets and information for teachers and parents/carers.

Hannah and Sophie went along to the House of Lords for the Launch, a real experience and great opportunity for CiLK!