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The Simon Paul Foundation

The Simon Paul Foundation

For several years now we have enjoyed a very close working relationship with the Simon Paul Foundation, a physical disability organisation based in Gravesend. Please see below a message from them regarding the transfer of services over to Centre for Independent Living Kent:

For over 25 years, the Simon Paul Foundation has provided a unique service in N.W. Kent to physically disabled people, their families and others involved in their care, to assist them to live more fulfilled and independent lives. The Foundation has supported individuals to take more control over their lives by ensuring that they have access to free specialist information and advice about anything related to living with a physical disability.

During this time we have overcome many hurdles in order to keep our valued service running especially through the recent years of national economic hardship and cutbacks to services. This has included helping the Active Lives Network Day Service survive through two threatened service closures and providing ongoing support to their members over many years.

However as funding cuts continue under current government policy, we have had to review our strategy for survival as fewer funding opportunities are available and funding trusts become overwhelmed with applications.

During the last three years we have been working closely with our partner charity, the Centre for Independent Living Kent (CILK) on a number of projects because they have similar aims and values to our own, and have also been struggling to survive.

The Trustees have therefore decided that the best way forward is to join forces with CILK, and to close down the Simon Paul Foundation at the end of December 2015. It is with much sadness that we have had to do this but it is the only way we can ensure that our service can continue. Our phone number (01322-615165) will still be available during the transition period and we will be working with our clients to ensure a smooth transition to CILK during January-March 2016.

We would very much like to thank all those who have supported us over the years under the banner of the Simon Paul Foundation.

This is a very sad time for the Simon Paul Foundation, but we feel that this move will mean that People with Disabilities across the whole of Kent and Medway will now benefit from the same high level of services. Continuity for those currently in contact with the Simon Paul Foundation is paramount so the current staff will stay on-board to help with the transition. We want to welcome them to our team and we look forward to an exciting 2016!

From January 2016, if you require one of our services you can contact us at:

The 123 Centre
123 County Square
Elwick Road
TN23 1AE

Tel: 01233 633187                               Email: [email protected]                       Website: www.cilk.org.uk