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Column by Mik Scarlet in PosAbility

Column by Mik Scarlet in PosAbility

CiLK’s Patron, Mik Scarlet, has mentioned us in his latest column for Pos’Ability magazine. Mik came along to do a talk at our AGM in September and we have since snapped him up as our Patron. Mik will be moving to Kent in the new year and CiLK looks forward to welcoming him.

PosAbility is a disability lifestyle magazine whose main focus is on the opportunities available to disabled people, whether that be in sports, careers, education, relationships, holidays or activities and experiences that are accessible to all.

The positive focus of the publication appeals to a wide audience and every issue produced includes a distinct variety of unique features and articles, ranging from diversity in the modelling industry and disability in the media to personal accounts of courage and guides to getting involved in different sports.

PosAbility exists to inspire and motivate people with disabilities to lead as active and healthy a life as possible, encouraging people to live life to the full, but most importantly to ensure they have fun while doing it.

Mik’s column looks at the strength of people with disabilities working together.