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The Twelve Basic Needs

In Britain the disability movement has set about trying to define the necessary elements that need to be in place in order for Independent Living to be successful for disabled people.

These were originally defined by Derbyshire Coalition of Disabled People, and became known as:

The Seven Basic Needs:

  • Information
  • Peer Counselling/support
  • Housing
  • Technology
  • Personal Assistance
  • Transport
  • Access

These seven basic needs were then widened further still by Hampshire Coalition of Disabled People to include:

  • Advocacy Employment
  • Education
  • Income / Benefits
  • Appropriate & Accessible Health Care Provision

The Independent Living movement world wide has made significant advances in recent years, as increasing numbers of governments have accepted the arguments and are introducing policies designed to increase Independent Living opportunities for disabled people. A major success of the Independent Living movement in this country was the introduction of legislation to legalise Direct Payments, which can greatly increase the levels of choice and control available to disabled people.

We strongly believe that CiLK has the necessary skills and commitment to champion direct payments to people living in Kent. Thus enabling those who wish to gain control of their own ‘care’ requirements, the necessary support and facilities.

Whilst we have a government publicly committed to social justice and inclusion for all, yet still supporting the principle of charging disabled people for essential personal assistance, we realise the battle for true equality has only just begun.