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Our Ethos

The guiding ethos of CILK

CILK subscribes to:

The Social Model of Disability, The Twelve Basic Needs and Equalities and Diversity.

The social model of disability identifies the various barriers that people with impairments face as the real cause of disability – not impairment itself. Barriers may be caused by the physical environment, by inflexible or inappropriate services or by attitudes.

Disabled people have identified twelve basic needs which, if met, would enable them to fully participate in society. CiLK will campaign for and/or promote services to facilitate these.

They are:

  1. full access to the environment
  2. a fully accessible transport system
  3. technical aids/equipment
  4. accessible/adapted housing
  5. personal assistance
  6. inclusive education and training
  7. an adequate income
  8. equal opportunities for employment
  9. appropriate and accessible information
  10. advocacy (including self advocacy)
  11. counselling
  12. appropriate health care provision

The work of the organisation will link with these basic needs.

CiLK exists to help its members, and others who share its philosophy, to be self-advocates, to take control over their own lives, to have real choice, freed from the prescriptive services of government agencies.

Our job is whatever is required to support other disabled people get a life – from campaigning for change to developing new services in the control of the people who need and use them.