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Equalities and Diversity


CiLK has been awarded the Two Ticks – Investor In People accreditation.

CiLK recognises that discrimination is experienced by many groups in society, and is committed to actively opposing such discrimination. As an organisation of disabled people and PAs, CiLK pledges itself to ensuring its policies and procedures are particularly effective in challenging discrimination against these two groups.

  • CiLK is actively opposed to all forms of illegal or offensive discrimination.
  • CiLK will seek to ensure elimination of individual and institutional discrimination, whether direct or indirect, on whatever grounds, both within the organisation and in all areas of work.
  • CiLK will endeavour to promote an ethos that values all its members and staff positively.
  • The implementation of this equalities and diversity policy applies to anyone using the service, volunteers, paid staff, trustees and all others affected by and associated with CiLK.
  • CiLK is committed to its equalities and diversity policy, which is designed to ensure that CiLK services fully meet and reflect the needs of its users as well as helping to improve recruitment, motivation and individual performance.


CiLK has a legal responsibility to provide a healthy and safe working environment. In so doing CILK will ensure all employees’ needs are identified and met in terms of individual facilities and equipment.


As part of the induction process new employees, volunteers and trustees will be given the equalities and diversity policy, enabling them to understand their responsibilities for ensuring equality of opportunity to other employees, volunteers, trustees, job applicants and all other users of CiLK’s services.


CiLK staff and volunteers failing to comply with the equalities and diversity policy will be subject to the disciplinary procedure.


Employees or volunteers who consider that they have been discriminated against, victimised or harassed should raise the matter under the CILK grievance procedure. An employee or volunteer who has raised such a grievance, or who has given evidence on behalf of another employee or volunteer, will not suffer any detriment as a result.


CiLK will endeavour to ensure that its Executive Management Committee is representative of the community in Kent and Medway, whilst ensuring that control is vested in disabled people.


Disability awareness and equality training will be provided for all CILK employees, volunteers and trustees.


CiLK believes that lack of access to services accentuates the problems people experience due to discrimination and will therefore take the following steps to ensure that its services are accessible to everyone.


All premises occupied by CiLK will be fully accessible to everyone wherever possible. This will include:

  • Level access
  • Ramps or lifts where the premises occupied are above street level or on more than one level
  • Accessible toilets
  • Parking places available for disabled drivers, or other transport available
  •  Tactile signage where necessary
  • Audible and visual alarms where necessary.

These standards will be actively promoted by CiLK when hiring premises and purchasing equipment, fixtures and fittings with the aim of ensuring that all personnel and visitors to CiLK are able to use them independently.


CiLK will provide facilities to ensure that everybody can contact the service and be contacted by CiLK in return. This means that CiLK will:

  • Provide materials in formats other than standard size print e.g. cassettes, large print as required
  • Provide interpreters as required
  • Provide lip readers/speakers as required
  • Provide email facilities
  • CiLK’s telephone numbers and other contact details will be publicised as widely as possible.

This Policy will be made available in other languages and/or formats if requested.